Top Trends in Tattoo Removal

April 24, 2013

Laser Tatoo Removal

As the job market continues to present challenges, workers and newly minted college graduates are finding that their tattoos make it even more difficult to find work. More and more people are seeking tattoo removal services to “erase” those decisions they regret.

“I just didn’t want my playboy bunny tattoo to show when I was applying for jobs at top salons” says Vivica, a soon-to-be beauty school graduate.  As it turns out, the tattoo that seemed like such a good idea a year or two ago just isn’t cutting it in the real world. As corporations and small businesses alike compete for customers and accounts, company image has become more and more important. “We just don’t want our customers being exposed to crazy messages on our servers necks, arms or hands,” says a New Haven restaurant owner.

While the hidden “tramp stamps” on lower backs don’t seem to be causing much trouble, there’s a huge increase in patients wanting to remove tattoos on the more exposed areas of the body.

Necks: This is a difficult area to hide, whether you’re wearing a t-shirt or one with a collar. Most likely you originally had the tattoo placed so that it would show when you were wearing a shirt. If you’re looking to join the military, a neck tattoo is definitely forbidden. Most employers don’t want your picture of a skull associated with their company.

Wrists: Again, difficult to hide even with a long sleeved dress shirt. When warmer weather arrives, it’s almost impossible to keep your tat hidden from your employer.

Ankles: Again, hard to hide, especially for women. Whether wearing a dress or slacks, simply crossing your leg could put you in danger of exposing your dark side. Do you really want your professional clients knowing you have a frozen margarita tattooed to your ankle?

Tattoo removal can be painful and time consuming, but when done by a board certified doctor, is quite successful. Look for a professional who can explain how many treatments you’ll likely need for complete removal of the tattoo, using the accepted Kerby-Desai scale of measurement.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold is a board certified, award-winning surgeon and laser expert who practices in Hamden CT. He is happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation if you have a tattoo you’d like removed. Laser Body Solutions offers confidential Tattoo removal services.