Help for Thinning Hair with Revage 670

April 26, 2013
Revage 670 CT

Revage 670 is the Gold Standard

Quick Facts about Laser Hair Restoration using Revage 670

  • The Revage 670 Laser is the gold standard, as it contains 30 laser diodes
  • The hood goes over the scalp, ensuring the maximum laser energy contact with the scalp
  • This Rotational PhotoTherapy maximizes stimulation of each hair follicle
  • Studies show the Revage 670 Laser stops the progression of hair loss in an impressive 85%
  • Almost 40% of patients show an increase in hair density within 16 weeks, with the thickening of finer miniaturized hairs.
  • Available only through physicians experienced in laser light therapy
  • Completely painless and safe


Laser Hair Growth

The Revage 670 is available at Laser Body Solutions in Hamden CT

The treatment protocol typically consists of the following four phases. Keep in mind that each patient responds differently to therapy. Dr. Gold will re-evaluate your progress after each phase of treatment for maximum results.

Phase 1: Two treatments per week, each lasting 20 minutes, for the first 13 weeks.

Phase 2: One treatment per week for the next 13 weeks.

Phase 3  One treatment every other week for 13weeks.

Phase 4  One treatment per month for the next 13 weeks.

Maintenance: After completion of the above protocol, there are various options for maintenance, which Dr. Gold and the patient discuss near the end of the first year and individualized recommendations will be made at that time.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Gold is an award winning surgeon and laser expert practicing at Laser Body Solutions in Hamden, CT.