Laser Tattoo Removal Growing in Popularity

May 15, 2013
Tattoo Image

“I’ve regretted it since I got it years ago.”


Because tattoos have grown in popluarity in the past few decades, so has the desire to have them removed. What once seemed like a great idea can quickly become a source of embarassment. Some tattoos simply fade over time, others no longer reflect what’s important to us. It’s not unusual for someone to simply want a tattoo “gone” from the landscape of their body.

“I got this tattoo when I was 23 and in the Navy. I had my girlfriend’s name tattooed on my leg. I’ve regretted it almost from the moment I got the tattoo and now that I’m married, my wife and I both hate seeing the tattoo” says a patient at Laser Body Solutions in Hamden CT.

Forty five million Americans have a tattoo, and a huge percentage of them regret getting inked. There have been a number of studies and polls done that all indicate that interest in laser tattoo removal is on the rise. Employers cite visible tattoos along with piercings and bad breath as deal-breakers for job applicants, according to CareerBuilder.

Tattoo removal lasers can be very effective in “erasing” a tattoo, although the number of treatments that’s required varies from person to person. Depending on the patient’s skin tone, the color of the ink and the size of the tattoo, the removal process can take some time.

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