Medical Tattoo Removal Comes to New Haven

June 7, 2013

Tattoo Removal Stages


So you have this tattoo and you want it removed. What was delightful to you ten years ago now looks and feels like an eyesore.

With the UltraLight-Q the power of light is harnessed to virtually erase an unwanted tattoo right in the doctor’s office. Patients have been thrilled with the results and are reporting that the pain of the removal process is actually less than having the tattoo applied.

Arm showing stages of tattoo removal over 4 treatments

Using the Kirby-Desai scale, Dr. Jeffrey Gold of Laser Body Solutions (Hamden CT) can estimate the  number of treatments that a patient is likely to need in order to completely remove their tattoo. The scale takes skin type, tattoo location and ink colors into consideration when calculating the treatment schedule. There are no guarantees, and both patient and doctor will decide when a maximum result has been achieved.

Butterfly tattoo removed from arm

Sometimes there’s a ghost like residue once a tattoo has been removed. Using the Kirby-Desai scale, Dr. Jeffrey Gold can estimate the number of treatments a patient needs to remove their tattoo.


Often, the removal will be complete, but in the case of brightly colored inks, sometimes there is a shadow of tattoo remaining after treatment has concluded.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold is an award winning laser surgeon who provides tattoo removal services at Laser Body Solutions in Hamden Connecticut. He’s happy to spend some time with prospective patients who are considering tattoo removal.