Removing Unwanted Tattoos at Laser Body in New Haven CT

October 16, 2014

A 2008 Harris Poll revealed that 15-20% of people with tattoos regretted having had them done. A full 20% felt they were just too young when they had them done, 20% didn’t like the feeling that they were marked for life, and 18% simply no longer liked their tattoo choice. A more recent survey showed that about 20% of Americans have tattoos, and of those, 30% regret their decision.

Many removal methods have been tried over the years. From simple solutions like scrubbing the tattoo with salt, up to the complex process of surgical skin grafting, nothing has been as simple or effective as laser tattoo removal.

With the use of a cold YAG laser*, a doctor can remove most, if not all of an unwanted tattoo. Depending on the color of the ink and each patient’s unique healing process, results can vary. Most patients, however, find that their tattoo can be removed over the course of a series of treatments. The usual prescribed treatments involve bi-monthly visits to the laser center. It can take a year or more to completely remove a tattoo. A numbing gel is applied to the area to be treated, in order to minimize any pain. Most patients report that the level of pain is much less than the original inking process.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold is an expert in the use of laser therapies, and award winning surgeon. His practice is located in Hamden Connecticut (near New Haven). Laser Tattoo removal is a very affordable option for those seeking to remove a tattoo. Dr Gold can be reaced at 203-281-5737

* Q-Switched lasers are highly effective at removing tatoo’s with pulses of light. They are used to shatter tattoo pigment into particles that are cleared by the body’s lymphatic system. Full removal can take between six and twenty treatments depending on the amount and colour of ink, spaced at least a month apart, using different wavelengths for different colored inks.