Medical Laser Tattoo Removal |in New Haven with Dr. Jeffrey Gold

October 23, 2014

Do you have a tattoo that you regret? Maybe you’ve go the name of a past love emblazened on your arm, or perhaps a gang-related tattoo on your chest. No matter what the reason, having an unwanted tattoo can keep you from moving forward in your life. A new lover doesn’t want to see the name of your ex on your arm. Perhaps you want to apply for a more important job, but the tattoo you have gives the “wrong” impression for the new line of work. Or, if you want to join the military, visible tattoos can keep you on the sidelines. There are lots of reasons why you might want to change a look that you decided was perfect years ago.

Many methods have been tried over the years to remove unwanted ink. Fading creams never really did much. Scrubbing with salt was a good workout, but didn’t really help a tattoo fade away into oblivion. Drastic measures like skin grafts have been done…but who wants to undergo the risks of surgery to remove a tattoo?

Dr. Jeffrey Gold describes the state-of-the-art method for removing tattoos, which is laser tattoo removal. Using what’s called a Q-Switched Yag Laser, pulses of light shatter tattoo ink, which is then absorbed by the body’s scavenger cells. Contrary to popular belief,  laser tattoo removal is really not very expensive. Patients are advised to wait approximately 8 weeks between appointments to allow the body to absorb the shattered ink. The wait-time combined with reasonable pricing-per-treatment makes the YAG laser option a good one for most patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold is an award winning surgeon and Laser Body Solutions has won the New Haven Advocate Readers’ Poll for many years running.