Want the best summer bikini body? Plan your laser tattoo removal now.

January 26, 2016

It sounds crazy; we know it. But could the middle of winter be the perfect time to start planning your bikini body?

If you have a tattoo that’s been holding you back from showing off your summer body, then the answer is a resounding yes.


Here’s something you should know: laser tattoo removal takes a series of sessions. Each one of those sessions will further lighten your tattoo, but they need to be scheduled at least eight weeks apart to be most effective. That makes now – in the cold of winter –the perfect time to plan your laser tattoo removal with Laser Body Solutions. You’ll be well on your way to removing that tattoo right in time for this summer’s bikini season.

“Laser tattoo removal takes time, but that time is well spent when you’re ready to remove a tattoo,” says Dr. Jeffrey Gold of Laser Body Solutions in Hamden, Connecticut. “With our decade of expertise in laser tattoo removal, we are able to help our patients remove those unsightly tattoos once and for all just in time to enjoy the summer weather.”

Dr. Gold and his team at Laser Body Solutions have been helping patients in Hamden, New Haven and other cities in Connecticut and New York remove their tattoos for good using the latest in laser tattoo removal technology.

Your first step — something you can do right now in less than an hour — is to schedule a free appointment with Dr. Gold. He’ll work with you to plan the best way to remove your tattoo. Using the Kirby-Desai Scale, he’ll score your tattoo and use this score to predict the number of treatments needed with about an 80 percent accuracy rate. You’ll know right away when you should start and when you’ll be ready for the beach!

Still have questions? Read these frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal.

Dr. Gold and his team at Laser Body Solutions care about our patients and we look forward to helping you with all your medical and aesthetic needs. Call (203) 281-5737 or email vicki@laser-body-solutions.websitepro.hosting to schedule your free appointment with Dr. Gold.